Fiesta Clausura

Noche Cubana

Sede: Doce Cuarenta Cafe

| 8:30 |


Solamente Film 150MX (Antes que llegue el Ferry)

Solamente Fiesta 250MX

Film y Fiesta 350MX

Antes que llegue el Ferry

Sede: Teatro Marquez De Leon

|6:30 | |18:30 |


Fiesta Clausura

Sede:  Doce Cuarenta Café

 |8:30 | | 20:30 |

Solamente Fiesta 250MX

Film y Fiesta 350MX (Antes que llegue el Ferry)


Chris Paulson

Originally from the San Francisco Bay area, Chris Paulson has been touring and performing around the globe for 30 years. He has an unmistakable voice and is a seasoned entertainer. A true traveling troubadour, he continues to perform as a street musician and in concerts across Europe in the summer months and resides in the lovely Mexican town of Todos Santos, BCS in the winter. He has released 14 albums to date and is currently writing songs for his next release.


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Colette: L’Artista

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